Sun smiles on EPE environmental performance

Sun smiles on EPE environmental performance

We are the first to admit that we love our diesel power at EPE.

After all, it’s one of the mainstays of our business and a key reason we exist.

In spite of recent media attention in Europe and other parts of the world on emission problems with diesel powered vehicles, there’s no doubt that a lot has been done over the decades to ensure diesel engines are far cleaner and more efficient.

But we wanted to do a bit more to make a contribution to the environment, so we recently installed a 40kW solar power system, consisting of 122 panels on the roof of our Bibra Lake facility.

Commissioned at the end of March, the system led to a significant reduction in our grid power usage – with the added bonus of a 65 per cent reduction in our power bill.

Not only does it make us feel warm and fuzzy knowing we’re doing our bit to look after the world for future generations, but the reduced power bills mean we can continue to provide exceptional pricing to our customers on EPE’s extensive range of quality products and service.