Custom design and quality in exhaust bellows

Custom design and quality in exhaust bellows

EPE and Sydney-based company Aflex are celebrating a 30-year partnership of providing the highest quality in industrial exhaust bellows.

Local industries continue to benefit with access to the custom designed and manufactured bellows, or metal expansion joints.

The success and longevity of the relationship is defined by shared values of quality products and customer service.

EPE Managing Director Peter Gardner says the ever-strengthening relationship is built on the trust that exists between the two companies.

“Aflex has been supplying exhaust bellows to EPE for more than 30 years,” Peter said.

“That tells you everything you need to know about the relationship between us.

“Aflex provides the high quality our customers expect. However, it’s much more than that – it’s about consistency and reliability.

“We get exactly what we ordered every time. There are no delays or quality issues. Aflex delivers on time, every time.”

Aflex supplies products to a wide range of industries, including chemical, steam, process, furnace and the general industrial sector.

The company is Australia’s only bellows manufacturer accredited to ISO 9001:2015.

“Aflex is one of the few suppliers in this space that deliver a consistent level of quality and precision,” Peter said.

“Everything we do at EPE is focused on delivering the best, and Aflex is part of the equation that ensures the high level of service we pride ourselves on.”

According to Aflex Sales Manager John Klosowski, the two companies enjoy one of the industry’s best working relationships.

“Our teams’ mutually dependant relationship has been solidified by years of trust, positivity and open business dealings,” he said.

“In the past five years, the company has invested more than $250,000 into software, research and development to ensure it remains at the forefront of manufacturing quality and efficiency.

“Sales agencies often require stringent and formalised agency agreements, but with Aflex and EPE, our evolved methods of success and mutual respect are the glue that bonds this relationship.”

John says the customer is who benefits from the strong working relationship between both firms.

“The EPE – Aflex relationship ultimately gravitates towards the customer,” he said.

“The customer becomes part of our team, a real inclusion in the process, and this means success all round.

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