Power of collaboration drives success

Power of collaboration drives success

In business, you can’t be all things to all people all the time.

There are many examples of those who have tried and failed because they’ve stretched resources too thin, had to cut corners to deliver on time, or generally over-promised and under-delivered.

But by identifying and collaborating with the right suppliers and service providers, the outcomes for clients can be highly successful, while for business owners there’s an opportunity for growth without many of the typical overheads.

According to Mason Deetman from EPE, economic downturns offer drivers for change in the way many organisations do business.

“There was a time when project operators would put out tenders for every nut and bolt, and may have been managing dozens of separate supply contracts,” Mason said.

“That’s not the most efficient way of operating and in many cases became so cumbersome that a lot of operators tended to work with the same suppliers for the sake of convenience.

“There’s nothing like a downturn to force change in the way value is achieved, and one of the beneficial outcomes from the recent slump is a tendency among suppliers to look at more collaborative approaches.”

Mason says that teaming up with the right mix of partners allows smaller suppliers to pitch on projects that could otherwise be out of reach.

“While project operators might be looking to rationalise the number of suppliers they work with, that approach can exclude some smaller businesses as they might not meet the complete mix of requirements,” he said.

“But with the support of a group of likeminded businesses, the overall proposition can be a lot more than the sum of its individual parts.”

It is this rationale that has led EPE to collaborate with a range of suppliers and service providers to offer comprehensive exhaust system solutions to Western Australia’s growing marine and defence industries.

“There’s a range of premium suppliers and service providers in the area all focusing on specific aspects of marine exhaust systems and it makes sense that we pull the best, most complementary of those together to provide a more comprehensive offering to ship builders,” Mason said.

“That includes fabrication and supply of parts, vibration control, acoustic and thermal insulation, sealing solutions, and specialised engineering and installation services.

“Most importantly, clients have a single point of contact across the group, ensuring supplier management becomes a far simpler, more streamlined process.”