Filtering for greater efficiency

Filtering for greater efficiency

ANYONE responsible for managing a fleet of vehicles or equipment will know only too well the burden of carrying spare parts, maintaining multiple service schedules and keeping on top of orders to ensure equipment downtime is kept to a minimum.

Filters are a case in point. Maintenance schedules vary depending on the filter type, machine application and a range of other factors, meaning those responsible need to keep records of multiple part numbers and ensure parts are ordered and ready when services are due.

That’s why EPE has introduced a filter kit program, providing a single point of contact – and one order number – to meet all requirements.

EPE Senior Sales Executive Dene Putland says the filter kit program is designed to provide clients with a convenient, one-stop solution for maintaining required equipment.

“There’s nothing complex about the filter kit program, but it certainly reduces the burden for service people when it comes to getting hold of the various filters required to complete maintenance on vehicles and equipment,” Dene said.

“It also allows clients to reduce the stock they hold in-house, and often we see a significant reduction in time to complete servicing because the required parts are provided in a single kit rather than requiring personnel to run and around and locate what they need.

“We work with clients to build an inventory of filters required for every piece of machinery they are responsible for, then with a single part number they can place the order for the full set of filters as and when required.”
Dene said although the program had only been operating for a short time, clients were already reporting positive reductions in time and cost.

“Everyone is looking to improve business efficiencies and because filters are a core part of our business, it’s an area where EPE can assist,” he said.

We’re also happy to bundle other parts and engine additives in to regular orders so it’s worth having a chat with us about your requirements.”

For further information, EMAIL DENE PUTLAND or call our team on (08) 9395 6500.