EPE Hits the Road Running in 2022

EPE Hits the Road Running in 2022

Happy New Year!

There probably comes a point when it is too late to say that, but we’ve been so busy that January and February slipped by in an instant.

There was a time when January seemed like it was only on the calendar to allow businesses to ease into the year. February is when it really all began.

But for EPE, and most of the customers and suppliers we’ve talked to, 2022 kicked off with a bang the minute we reopened for business, and it has not let up.

We are fortunate that despite ongoing supply-chain issues impacting a lot of industries due to COVID and the more recent impact of floods on east-west transport, we have managed to keep the shelves relatively well stocked. There are a few specific lines that are in short supply, but in general we’re keeping abreast of demand in the EPE warehouse and showroom.

Nevertheless, we do recommend you call ahead to check that we have your requirements in stock as things can change and transport may continue to be a little sporadic.

The workshop has also remained busy and has a significant volume of work booked for some weeks to come.

The business continues to carefully navigate the COVID landscape, maintaining controls to minimise risks of any of our staff or visitors being exposed. That will no doubt remain standard operating procedure in Western Australia for a long time to come so we just have to take it in our stride.

Like all WA businesses, we require all staff and visitors to wear masks while indoors, maintain social distancing and keep up with the good hygiene regimes. And we’re happy to report that so far, no EPE staff have tested positive for COVID-19.

In spite of these ongoing challenges, many of our customers have told similar stories. With the mining sector performing strongly, low unemployment figures and the prospect of borders reopening soon, numerous sectors seem to be busier than ever and bracing for little change for many months ahead.

We wish you a very successful year ahead and look forward to continuing to work with you.