Centek urges boat owners to check exhausts

Centek urges boat owners to check exhausts

There’s nothing quite like getting out on the water on a sunny summer day in Western Australia.

Until you realise your exhaust system has developed a few issues over the winter months and your day becomes loud and full of exhaust fumes at best, or a call to marine rescue to tow you home at worst.

According to EPE supplier Centek Marine, which manufactures fiberglass exhaust systems and a range of other boating components, inspecting exhaust systems is a vital task at the start of the boating season.

Centek recommends checking all hoses, clamps, muffler and tubing sections, and the connections between each, of your boat’s exhaust system.

As well as ensuring there are no signs of corrosion or other issues, you should look for signs of leaks. Signs of salt deposits – which appear as a white, chalky substance, are a sure sign of a leak. In addition, with the engine running you can look for dripping water around the muffler itself or in the general vicinity.

Centek Marine’s VP of Operations Ken Harstel says leaks almost always indicate overheating.

“This type of leak usually indicates that the muffler has experienced overheating due to loss of cooling water in the exhaust system,” Ken said.

Overheating can be caused by obstructions in water intakes or issues with water pumps.

In addition, spending a lot of time idling or at low speeds can mean reduced water intake that may not be adequate to keep exhaust temperatures low enough. This is particularly common with older engines and exhaust systems.

Even with fiberglass exhaust systems and flame-retardant, high temperature resins, if there is a severe or complete interruption to water flow, the resin can be “baked out” and leaks will occur.

So rather than discover issues when you’re on the water, take the time before launching, or while still in the pen or on your mooring, to give your entire exhaust system a thorough once over.

Then, as Darryl Kerrigan from The Castle would say, you can kick back and enjoy the serenity.

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