Behind-the-scenes providers vital to success

Behind-the-scenes providers vital to success

BEHIND every successful business, there are usually a few good service providers.

That is certainly the case for EPE. As our business has grown over the years, so have our IT needs.

Like many commercial operations, we started out with a single office computer to run a basic accounting package.

But as we expanded and technology advanced, those needs have increased.

Fortunately, IT provider The Lakes Group has been with us for a good part of that journey.

Initially engaged to look after some core IT services such as email, The Lakes Group has since expanded its services in many directions.

The IT specialist now looks after our phone and security systems in addition to our hardware, software and networking needs.

One of the things we like most, apart from the exceptional service The Lakes Group provides to EPE, is that it is a similar business in many ways.

We both employ around the same number of staff and share the same values. While we both started out with a focus on Perth and WA, our areas of focus necessarily extended Australia wide as clients expanded their geographic footprints.

And we’ve enhanced and grown the product and service lines offered as client needs have grown.

Even better, since moving to our new Bibra Lake premises, we have practically become neighbours with Lakes Group located just up the road in Cockburn.

Those are the sorts of working relationships that lead to business success.

If you have any IT requirements, we recommend The Lakes Group. See for more information.