Welcome our newest team member: Dene Putland

Welcome our newest team member: Dene Putland

The automation and centralisation of sales has had a negative impact on customer service, according to EPE’s new “kid” on the block Dene Putland.

The recently appointed Senior Sales Executive, who by his own admission is not exactly a kid, says over his years working in sales and customer support roles in Western Australia, there has been a definite decline in standards of customer service.

“There used to be a lot more getting out to customer sites, and not just to head offices but to mine sites and other work locations to gain a good understanding of customers’ businesses and how our products and services were being used in the field,” Dene said.

“You certainly don’t gain that level of understanding by emailing a client or visiting an office in St Georges Terrace every other month.”

The opportunity to connect with clients in the “old-fashioned way” is one of the things that drew Dene to EPE.

Question & Answer with Dene

1. What do you envisage a typical work day might look like?

I will be strongly focusing on giving the best possible level of customer service and building relationships with existing and new customers. That will no doubt involve a fair bit of time on the road, getting out to meet people face to face as much as possible. There will also be a fairly steep learning curve as I get to know the intricacies of customer business operations and where EPE fits in.

2. What’s your background?

I have had a varied and interesting career with a large portion spent in the filtration industry, predominately in the mining and industrial sectors. It’s working in these environments where I’ve developed a speciality and passion for providing customers with a high level of service.

My customers feel like they are getting an above and beyond level of attention, different from a pure transaction-based service which unfortunately has become the norm for many product and service providers.

I also have a hands-on passion for engines and in particular drag racing, a sport which I am actively involved in.

3. During your time in the industry, what are some of the key changes you’ve observed?

A lot of automation (online) which means good old customer service is being diminished. But when you add good product to good service you can get plenty of opportunity. The family focus of EPE is a really good differentiator.

4. Drag racing sounds interesting, can you tell us more about your involvement in the sport?

My family is actively involved in my son’s drag racing team, from the mechanical side of things like engine maintenance to race day support.

Each drag racing season we set about ensuring the cars and the engine are optimised to perform at their best, much like the philosophy that EPE takes with its work. In addition to the sport of drag racing, I’m a one-eyed West Coast Eagles supporter and have been from when they first commenced.

I’m quietly confident that 2019 will be just as exciting as 2018 in terms of the Eagles premiership chances and how we perform as a company at EPE. The next 12 months are shaping to be really exciting.