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Here at EPE we understand the importance of safety in the mining, oil and gas and construction industries.  For us, it’s more than just a word, safety is a standard that we’re committed to providing through our range of hazardous area products.


With a range of explosion protection, Atex engine kits, control systems, spark arrestors, silencers, air intake shut-off valves and Pyroban engine packages, our team are well prepared to meet the needs of your business.


Diesel Engine Explosion Protection

In off-shore industries like Oil and Gas, explosion protection is paramount to successful and safe operations.  With so many hazardous areas in constant operation, it’s crucial that the explosion protection components are beyond reproach.  EPE provide a range of premium Pyroban explosion protection products for diesel engines and generators including:


  • Pyroban Explosion protection (ATEX) engine Kits
  • Pyroban Explosion protection (ATEX) engine Packages
  • Pyroban Explosion protection components | Spark Arrestors, Silencers etc.


If you’re looking for a custom-fit solution for your project, get in touch with our specialist team today.

Pyroban Hazardous Area Products
Pyroban Hazpak Engine Packages
Looking for the very best in Hazardous Area Products?

Explosion Protection Kits

Explosion protection kits are available from leading manufacturers like Pyroban and typically include the following;


  • Air inlet shut-off Valve
  • Air inlet flame arrestor
  • Water-cooled Turbocharger & Exhaust Manifold
  • Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger
  • Thermal control & treatment
  • Exhaust flame arrestor
  • Certified spark arrestor


The Pyroban explosion protection kit is suitable for use in hazardous areas where explosive gases occure (ATEX directive 2014/34/EU).  When properly installed, the kit provides protection to (i) Equipment Group II, (ii) Category 3G, (iii) Gas Group IIA and (iv) Temperature Class T3.  Additional components are added according to the application and engine documentation.

Pyroban Engine Kits
Pyroban Engine Kits

Wyndham|Page Air Intake Shut-down valves  |  The Air Intake Shut-down valves manufactured by Wyndham|Page are a premium quality product and operate independently of any external power or signal input to give automatic closure on engine overspeed.

Western Tydens   |   EPE provide a full range of Western Tyden specialised products including Silencers, Spark Arrestors and shut-down valves.

Pyroban Kits  |  Explosion protection safety kits for diesel engines intended for Zone 2 hazardous areas in well service and production applications. Pyroban ATEX kits are available for leading engine brands and models.

Pyroban Ex Engine Packages  | We offer fully packaged engines from leading brands, certified and ready for use in hazardous areas. Pyroban Hazpak engines are offered as standard builds or customised to meet your exact project needs.

Pyroban Additional Components  | Additionally, EPE offer a full range of Pyroban Hazardous Area Products and conversions including Air Intake Shut-off Valves, Spark Arrestors, Safety Control Systems, Atex Starter Motors, Atex Batteries, Atex Alternators and bespoke EXD Enclosures.

Wyndham Page Shut-off Valves
Wyndham Page Shut-off Valves

The Science of Explosions

There is always a risk of a flammable hydrocarbon release in the oil and gas industry. When the release comes into contact with air and an ignition source, an explosion is a real risk. Pyroban Ex Power solutions are designed to eliminate the ignition risk and keep your workers and assets safe.


Potential ignition sources on unprotected diesel engines include electrical, mechanical or static sparks, overspeed or flame transmission from inlet or exhaust, and hot surfaces.  Pyroban protection cover critical considerations like;


Air Inlet shut-off Valves  |  Flammable gases in the atmosphere can be drawn in through the air intake along with air for combustion. This can result in flashbacks through the inlet and backfires in the exhaust.

Air inlet flame arrestor  |  When Gas is ingested, there is risk of the engine misfiring, leading to unburnt fuel mixture entering the exhaust system. This can be detonated from the heat of the exhaust and ignite the surrounding (now flammable) atmosphere.

Water-cooled Turbocharger & Exhaust Manifold  |  Many surfaces on a diesel engine can exceed safe limits and become sources of ignition. These surfaces need to be protected to avoid the danger of explosion by ensuring surface temperature is below 200oC (T3).

Thermal control & treatment  |  Thermal signature of engines and ancillary parts can be further reduced using our proprietary thermal coatings

Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger  |  Cools the engine exhaust below 200oC (T3)

Exhaust Flame Traps  |  Prevents back fire from the explosion proof exhaust system. Can be eliminated by using our certified SCS system.

Spark Arrestor  |  Ensures that no exhaust-born hot particles escape into the atmosphere

Radiator  |  A choice of industrial or marine solder dipped radiators providing

Spark Arrestor | Western Tydens
Spark Arrestor | Western Tydens
Wyndham Page

When Quality Counts

For the industries that we service at EPE, providing premium hazardous area products is absolutely crucial.  We proudly supply Pyroban, Western Tydens and Wyndham Page products to ensure that our clients are getting the very best manufacturers available.


Our specialist Hazardous Area Products team at EPE are available to discuss your specific needs to ensure you’re meeting all of the industry requirements for safety in mining, oil and gas and construction.


If you’re looking to ensure the safety of your personnel and production, get in touch today and let us help.

Pyroban Hazardous Area Products
Pyroban Hazardous Area Products