High Performance Silicone Hoses

What’s your application?

The benefits of purchasing Purosil silicone hose is that it possesses the durability, reliability and quality workmanship required in heavy-duty and high performance diesel engine operations.


Engine Protection Equipment has a high standard when it comes to the chemical composition of the additives used in raw silicone which is met by world renowned manufacturer Purosil.


Made in the USA, Purosil hoses meet the rigorous demands of diesel engine powered equipment in industries as diverse as transport and logistics, through to military specified applications and supply.


A variety of Purosil silicone hose products are used in the heavy duty truck, bus and coach sectors, as well as the construction, agriculture and marine markets.

Purosil Silicone Hose Benefits:

  • Extreme temperature resistance (-50C to 260C)
  • High resistance to UV, ozone and atmospheric pollutants
  • Excellent flexibility
  • 4-ply silicone polyester or aramid reinforced configuration
  • Optimized for turbocharger applications
  • Fluorocarbon liner for petrochemical resistance
  • Custom ply configurations available
  • High resistance to a wide array of chemicals

Heavy Duty & Industrial Applications

When hose failure is not an option

The Best Quality

Engine Protection Equipment partnered with Purosil in order to provide the Australian market with the very best in silicone hoses.  Purosil was established in 1958 and creates silicone and rubber hose for heavy duty vehicles, industrial generators, farm equipment, military vehicles and marine applications.


EPE are high temperature hose experts and we stock Australia’s largest range of high-quality intake hoses, coolant hoses, radiator hoses and turbocharger hoses.


When your project needs a reliable solution to ensure operations run smoothly – look no further than Engine Protection Equipment.  Get in touch today and let us help.

The Biggest Range

EPE stock Australia’s best range of silicone hose including:

  • Coolant Hose
  • Turbocharger Hose
  • Silicon Hose Bends 90° and 45°
  • Intercooler Hose Connectors
  • Marine Wet Exhaust Hose
  • Marine Wet Exhaust Humps and Bends
  • Silicone Reducing Hoses
  • Silicone Coolant Hump Hoses

Diesel Engine Specialists

Silicone Hose Performance

Why use Silicone Hose?

Silicone rubber has historically been used in specialty applications in order to meet requirements other elastomers cannot.  Silicones have the largest application temperature span of all rubbers (-120 F to + 500 F).



Their chemical structure allows Silicones to be the most benign of all rubbers in medical applications, also having the longest shelf life.  For example, a coolant hose made with Silicone meeting SAE J20 is given a shelf life of 20 years, whereas those made with chloroprene rubber meeting SAE J20 are given a shelf life of 8 years.

Silicone hose has been a breakthrough in the automotive market, a perfect solution for radiator hoses and turbocharger hoses as well as oil pan and rocker cover gaskets.  Purosil silicone hoses are formulated to Mil specs, SAE specs and TMC specs. If you need to rely on the components of your engine, generator, turbo or coolant system – look no further than Purosil silicone hose.

Get in touch today with EPE and let us find the best solution for your needs.

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purosil silicone hose
Flex Hose

Reliability & Durability

When Quality Counts?

Silicone hoses perform extremely well under severe temperature and environmental extremes.  Standard and custom silicone hoses have a useful life that is far superior to typical organic rubber materials and EPDM.  Another reason to use  silicone hose is that it is economical compared to bent metal tubes.  Last, and certainly not least, the trend towards more stringent emission requirements result in great heat generation.  Silicone is up to the challenge and increasingly the favoured choice of design engineers.


The basic construction of silicone hose consists of a silicone core or tube, fabric reinforcement and a silicone cover or outer layer.  Purosil silicone hose, unlike some cheaper brands, uses no filler and the tube is made of the same silicone material.  The fabric that is incorporated into the structure is to provide increased rigidity and prevent kinking.  Depending on the use, Purosil silicone hose will also include materials such as polyester, fiberglass, nomex or meta-aramid – each with varying temperature range capabilities.

silicone hose
silicone hose
silicone hose