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Silicone/Rubber Hose & Clamps
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Heavy Duty

EPE is proud to be distributors for Purosil hoses – a truly world class product that is second to none when it comes to providing reliable hose solutions for construction and farm equipment, automotive engines, generators and marine applications.


We also stock a variety of durable clamps including sprint and T-bolts, to ensure that your engine fluid systems are always completely secure.

No Compromise on Quality

Whatever industry or application, implementing a high-quality hose or clamp means you can reduce the likelihood of your engine or generator encountering serious or catastrophic breakdown.  The cost of the best hose is always going to be far less than the cost of your operation grinding to a halt.


Let your specialist staff help you choose the best product for your project needs today.

  • Purosil Wet Exhaust Hose

  • Purosil Coolant Hose

  • Purosil Elbows, Vacuum Hose

  • Purosil Hump Hose, Heater Hose

  • Purosil Turbo Hose

  • Mission Intake Bends

  • Mission Intake Humps

  • Gates Rubber Hoses

  • T-Bolt Clamps

  • P Clips, Clamps, Hose Joiners