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Lube Oil/Hydraulic Oil Filtration
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Increase Engine Life

Lube and hydraulic oil filters are designed to increase the lifespan of your engine by reducing contaminants in the oil.  This results in longer engine life and reduced maintenance costs.  EPE strives to provide the best filters on the market, including the Racor range.


Additionally we provide fluid level gauges, breathers, suction strainers and portable filtration solutions.  Ensure your engine or generator has a longer life and improved fuel economy by using the best filters and gauges available.

Get it right the first time

With experience providing filters, gauges and breathers to the mining and drilling, transport, construction and defense industry for more than 30 years, our staff will ensure you get the right solution for your project or business the first time round.


Get the most out of your assets and keep your project on track by avoiding unnecessary maintenance downtime by using durable, reliable products.

  • Donaldson Lube Filters

  • Racor Oil Filters, Suction Strainers

  • Parker Hydraulic Elements

  • Parker Filter Assemblies

  • Fluid Level Guages

  • Parker Breathers

  • Parker ParGel Elements

  • Parker Portable Filtration