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Instrumentation/Engine Protection
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EPE stocks and distributes well-known instrumentation and engine protection products like Murphy Guages, Turbo Saviour, Parker Pressure Guages, Vibratex Mounts, Hewitt Exhaust Pyrometers and many more leading brands.

If your business demands high-quality, reliable instrumentation or engine protection solutions – then get in touch today to find the best fit for your assets.


Having worked with the leading brands for over 30 years, and with a customer base that ranges from mining and drilling to automotive to marine – our specialist team has the experience required to make sure you get the best product for your requirements.


Our staff are available to consult in-store or on-site to ensure your business runs smoothly, avoiding the down-time often caused by parts repair or replacement.

  • Murphy Analogue Guages

  • Murphy Level Guages, Tachos, Relays

  • Murphy Engine Control Panels

  • Murphy PowerView and CAN Modules

  • Parker Pressure Guages, Transducers, Transmitters

  • Hewitt Exhaust Pyrometers, Engine Multi Alarms

  • Woodward & Murphy Solenoids

  • Turbo Saviour (Oiler), Parker Oilcheck Monitor

  • Parker Particle Counter, Bearing Checker

  • Vibratec Mounts

  • IsoFlex Mounts

  • IsoFlex Marine Drive Couplings

  • Fueltreat Biocides & Additives

  • Total Lubricants