Hazardous Area Products

Air/Crankcase Filtration
Instrumentation/Engine Protection
Dry/Wet Exhaust & Thermal Insulation
Silicone/Rubber Hose & Clamps
Fuel/Water Filtration
Lube Oil/Hydraulic Oil Filtration
Hazardous Area Products


Keeping your equipment and operations safe and running smoothly is crucial in any industry.  At EPE we have been supplying hazardous area products for Western Australian industries for more than 30 years and we stand by our product line.


When your business relies on continuous, reliable operation – and catastrophic failure is simply not an option – then protecting your equipment and personnel should only be done using the best products on the market.  We stock industry leading control panels, shut down systems and gauges that are manufactured to exacting standards.


Operating diesel engines in hazardous environments is a serious safety risk.  With high pressure systems, flammable gas release and a variety of moving parts – it’s important to ensure your spark arrestor, gauge or shut down system is the absolute best.  EPE works with mining, transport, power generation and marine industries and we proudly stand behind all of our hazardous area products.


Our specialist staff are available to consult in-store or on-site to ensure your business avoids unnecessary downtime by providing you the best advice and the best products on the market.

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