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Air/Crankcase Filtration
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Peak Efficiency

Ensuring free-flowing air to your engine systems is the best way to promote efficient operation.  EPE provides a range of high-quality and affordable air and crankcase filtration solutions, including leading brands Racor, Donaldson and MannHummel.


In addition to eliminating particle contaminants, air filters will also reduce moisture related problems that can lead to corrosion.  The service life of equipment, especially in industries that rely on continuous, efficient operation – can be drastically increased by implementing high-quality air and crankcase filters.

The Best Brands

Having worked with the leading brands for more than 30 years, and with a customer base that ranges from mining and drilling, to automotive to marine – our specialist team have the experience required to make sure you get the best product for your project or business.


Our staff are available to consult in-store or on-site to ensure things run smoothly and down-time is avoided.

  • Racor CCV, M&H Provent

  • Racor Air Cleaners

  • Centri, Donaldson Pre-cleaners

  • Donaldson Accessories

  • Donaldson Powercore

  • Duralite

  • Donaldson Air Cleaners

  • Mann + Hummel Air Cleaners

  • Mann + Hummel Vokes Air