Western Tydens Atex Spark Arrestors | Centrifugal Range

Part No.A Length B BarrelDia. DC In/Out Size(HP) Power Range
SAWT2L902"640mm455mm92mm51mm20 - 50
SAWT2L1252"680mm500mm125mm51mm30 - 80
SAWT2L150X21/2"885mm665mm150mm63mm50 - 120
SAWT2L150X3"885mm665mm150mm76mm50 - 120
SAWT2L17531/2"971mm750mm175mm89mm95 - 200
SAWT2L2004"1145mm910mm200mm102mm150 - 340
SAWT2L2355"1335mm1110mm235mm127mm250 - 450
SAWT2L3006"1490mm1250mm300mm152mm325 - 550



Western Tydens Atex Spark Arrestors

Centrifugal Range | Permanent Installation


Intended for permanent installations the centrifugal range Spark Arrestor is designed to be installed either alongside an existing silencer or alternatively can be fitted as a replacement. The range covers engines with a maximum output of up to 750 HP.

The centrifugal range models will usually provide sufficient noise attenuation for an industrial working environment and require minimal maintenance. If additional silencing is required this can be integrated into the design upon request.

Western Tydens has specialised in manufacturing Spark Arrestors, Silencers, Catalysts and Particulate Filters for over 40 years. Our designs of Spark Arrestors are based on a centrifugal principle which has the effect of spinning the exhaust gas at high velocity. The live carbon particles or sparks are spun out of the airflow and retained within the Spark Arrestor until they are burnt out or rendered inert before being discharged.

This simple robust design offers minimal interruption to the exhaust flow and recent developments using computerised fluid dynamics (CFD), have enabled us to reduce the back pressure generated in accordance with the new requirements of engine manufacturers. The design is extremely efficient at stopping all sparks and is virtually maintenance free. The Spark Arrestor will not block up and does not need to be emptied to work effectively.

All Western Tydens Spark Arrestors have been tested for their spark arresting abilities. Both the Centrifugal and Auxiliary ranges have been independently assessed by SIRA to the test conditions of EN1834 and when constructed using stainless steel comply with the requirements of the EU ATEX directive.

Each Western Tydens Spark Arrestor carries an identity plate with a batch code and the appropriate ATEX markings and is supplied with a Declaration of Conformity Certificate.




• Available for applications from 1 – 1500HP
• Stainless steel models comply with the ATEX directive
• Each spark arrestor carries an ATEX and CE approval plate
• Virtually maintenance free
• Can be mounted horizontally or vertically

• Inlet and Outlet are both Female Connections
• Modest Silencing
• Stainless Steel Construction