Service Junior Digital Gauges + Kits

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Gauge OnlyGauge + Field Kit
Part No.Part No.
-1 to 16 BarSCJN-016-01SCJN-KIT-016
0 to 100 BarSCJN-100-01SCJN-KIT-100
0 to 400 BarSCJN-400-01SCJN-KIT-400
0 to 600 BarSCJN-600-01SCJN-KIT-600
0 to 1000 BarSCJN-1000-01-


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Service Junior Digital Gauges + Kits


Service Junior digital gauges and gauge kits are ideal to digitally measure pressure and capture min and max fluctuations in any hydraulic or pneumatic system. Comes with a Test 20 Adaptor as Standard.