Sentinel Shutdown Systems | Heat Sensors

ModelThreadTemperatures Avail.
H1/2" NPTOptions between 180-220F
HA3/8” NPTOptions between 180-220F



Heat Sensors

Sentinel Shutdown Systems

When an abnormal condition occurs in a diesel engine, a Sentinel heat sensor protection system automatically shuts it down or reduces RPMs by controlling the fuel supply. Sentinel systems are entirely mechanical and independent of electrical circuits which is desirable for explosive environments.


Sentinel Heat Sensors work in conjunction with the Master Control to protect the engine from abnormally high coolant, transmission oil or crankcase oil temperature. Model H and Model HA Heat Sensors are mechanical dump-type units, normally closed. Temperature actuation settings of 180 to 260o Fahrenheit (82 to 127o Centigrade) can be specified as required for engine coolant and lubricating oil, transmissions, driven compressors, etc.



• Low oil pressure
• Loss of coolant
• High oil temperature
• High coolant temperature
• High transmission temperature
• Loss of tail pump pressure on irrigation engines