Rubber Mounts – Male/Male | Application: Compression

Part No.Core DiaCore LengthDuroThread
VIB MALE20/20-M620mm20mm55M6 x 18
VIB MALE25/25-M625mm25mm40M6 x 18
VIB MALE40/40-M840mm40mm55M8 x 20
VIB MALE50/50-M1050mm50mm55M10 x 28
VIB MALE75/50-M1275mm50mm50mmM12 x 37



Application: Compression

Rubber Mounts – Male/Male


Rubber Mounts – Male/Male are cylindrical mounts that are suitable for the elastic mounting of machine units such as motors, compressors and pumps. They can be loaded either in compression or shear taking into consideration individual demands for actual applications. These rubber mounts’ resilience and their broad range of different sizes and dimensions allow these mounts to be used in many applications that require noise and vibration isolation.