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Eco II

Racor Eco Series | High Efficiency Air Cleaners


Racor Eco Series Air Cleaners | Eco II: With its revolutionary spin-on design, the completely disposable ECO Series offers faster, safer, more trouble-free service than any other air cleaner today. Built for rugged use, it combines maximum engine protection with fuel-efficient performance and long service life. The ECO Series provides two significant improvements in engine protection. When the filter loads with dirt and replacement is required, collected dust and debris stay safely contained inside the disposable housing, eliminating the chance of contaminating the air intake system during air filter service. Since the ECO Series uses no clean air gaskets, you never have to worry about gasket leakage.


The outlet simply hooks up to the intake with a rubber connection and clamp, creating a leak-tight seal. The ECO-II is designed for stationary and mobile engine applications where the air cleaner will be inside an enclosure. With the grid style inlet, flow restriction is minimized through the housing, giving a lower pressure drop and higher dust holding capacity. The ECO-II is ideal for stationary genset, pump, and other applications.


ECO II Inlet Transition

The ECO II was designed to provide lower replacement filter cost on an under hood truck application due to the 2-piece design. The Inlet Transition adapter is a separate piece that stays on the truck and is purchased separately. The ECO II used without the Inlet Transition has become the standard in the Generator Set market. Air Flow is outside-in with water drain holes around the perimeter.



  • On-highway trucks, buses


  • Fast, easy and safe servicing
  • Durable construction withstands rugged conditions


  • Lightweight
  • Inlet on side and out the opposite end
  • Air can flow both ways through the air cleaner
  • Sturdy
  • One Piece Construction
  • Dust and Debris remain contained in disposable housing
  • Water resistant filter media