Racor Filters | Petrol Spin On/Inline Filters

Part No.025-RAC-02PS120-01^120R-RAC-01320R-RAC-01660R-RAC-01SNAPP**
Max Flow Rate95LPH454LPH114LPH227LPH340LPH100LPH
Filter ElementS2502R51216S3240S3227S3232R23298*
Port Size1/4"-18 NPTF1/2”NPT1/4"-18NPTF1/4"-183/8"-183/8"


^ Has a 200 Micron S/S Strainer element
* Easy to service filter with quick connect fittings
** Specify either 2, 10 or 30 Micron Element when ordering



Petrol Spin On/Inline Filters


Racor Filters


Racor Spin-on Series Fuel Filter Water Separators provide maximum protection of modern diesel and gasoline engines by effectively removing contaminants from fuel, such as water, silica, sand, dirt, and rust. The mounting head and filter body are protected with a durable electrostatically-applied powder coating for superior corrosion resistance. The unique spin-on filter design is easy to service and features a reusable clear plastic or metal contaminant collection bowl with a self-venting drain or metal plug.