Parker Filter Assemblies | Medium Pressure Inline Assemblies

Inline CN Series

Basic ModelsPort SizeMax PressureMax FlowBypass
15CN11" BSP69 Bar35 lpm3.5 Bar
15CN21" BSP69 Bar45 lpm3.5 Bar
40CN11 1/2" BSP69 Bar180 lpm3.5 Bar
40CN21 1/2" BSP69 Bar280 lpm3.5 Bar
80CN12" SAE Flange69 Bar380 lpm3.5 Bar
80CN22" SAE Flange69 Bar550 lpm3.5 Bar


Inline Moduflow

Basic ModelsPort SizeMax PressureMax FlowBypass
ILP12" SAE Flange10 Bar320 lpm2.4 Bar
ILP22" SAE Flange10 Bar460 lpm2.4 Bar



Medium Pressure Inline Assemblies

Parker Filter Assemblies


The CN Series is a compact, cost effective, medium pressure filter designed with coreless filtration technology. CN Series bowl features a permanently fixed core designed to reduce solid waste and minimise disposal costs with every element change out.


Parker’s Moduflow series suction/return/duplex patented filter element features longer life and increased dirt capacity.