Moduflow Portable Filter Carts


Part No.5MFP10MFP
Max Flow Rate19LPM38LPM
3m Hose/WandStandardStandard
Drip Tray BundingStandardStandard


Filter Cart Performance

Tank SizeCleanliness (ISO)Time Required
190 Litres20/18/150.5 Hours
190 Litres17/15/121 Hours
190 Litres16/14/112.5 Hours
378 Litres18/16/131.5 Hours
378 Litres17/15/122.5 Hours
378 Litres16/14/114 Hours
757 Litres19/17/142.5 Hours
757 Litres18/16/133.5 Hours
757 Litres17/15/125 Hours

The results in the chart are based on the following assumption:
1. Initial contamination level is 500,000 particles greater than 10 micrometers per 100 ml of fluid (10MFP trolley).
2. Inlet filter fitted with 40SA element; outlet with 20Q element.
3. System ingression rate equal to 1 X 106 particles greater than 10 micrometers entering the system per minute



Moduflow Portable Filter Carts


• Heavy-duty frame but still lightweight and portable.
• Wide variety of particulate elements available
• Choice of either an Air Motor or Electric Motor
(240VAC or 415AC 3 Phase)