Level Gauges | L129/L150/EL150K1

Low Level SwitchYESYESYES
High Level SwitchYESNONO
Level MaintainerNONONO
Pipe Bracket Kit---
Flange Mount---
Oil CompatibleYESYESYES
Diesel/ CoolantNOYESYES




Level Gauges – L150/EL150K1

The L150 Series Level Swichgage instrument is a
combination liquid level gage and low-limit switch; each
unit includes (1) a chamber with pivotal float, (2) an
indicating dial with pointer and (3) a low-level contact.
When properly installed and maintained, the float
operates the pointer which, in turn, both indicates level
during normal operation and closes a switching circuit if
the level falls to the low-limit set point.
The primary use of the L150/EL150K1 is for engine
cooling systems, surge or expansion tanks, condenser
radiator or vapor phase systems, pressurized or
atmospheric systems. The Level Swichgage instrument
can also be used to monitor lube oil, hydraulic fluid
or diesel fuel reservoirs and activates alarms and/or
shut down at a predetermined minimum level. These
instruments are built for low pressure systems with a
maximum of 25 psi (172 kPa) [1.72 bar].


Level Gauges – L129

The L129 Series Lube Level Swichgage is a
combination lube level indicating gage and
adjustable low and high limit switches. It
provides protection against low oil level or high
level caused by overfill or fuel or water seepage
into the crankcase.
A 6-3/4 inch (171 mm) deep sight gage allows
you to check the condition and level of your oil
without shutting down the equipment.
Fingertip adjustable limit contacts, through
4-7/8 inch (122 mm) range, make it simple to set
high and low limit contacts. If the float touches
the high or low limit contact, a normally open
circuit will be completed which can activate
alarms and/or shut down the equipment.
There are two models in the L129 Series: L129
and L129CK1. The L129 model is designed for
grounded, low voltage electrical systems. It
features a one-wire-to-ground electrical circuit.
The L129CK1 was designed for applications
requiring a three-wire, above ground electrical
circuit. It features ungrounded contacts and a
conduit hub to protect electrical wiring. Options
are available for both models.
When properly installed and maintained, the
L129 Series Lube Level Swichgage can monitor
and protect engines and pumps from improper
lubrication level, which can result in extensive
The L129 Series is recommended for engines
and pumps with larger crankcase capacity.