Isoflex Polymer Mounts | MAXIMounts – Bolt Mounts

Mount ModelLoad Per Mount (Kg)Base Bolt CentresBase Bolt Dia.Bolt Dia.Min Free Height
M5525 - 200134 x 75mm100 - 105mmM12 or M1660mm
M7575 - 300177 x 98mm127mmM16 or M2059mm
M8575 - 300190 x 98mm140mmM16 or M2059mm
M9075 - 350177 x 100mm125mmM20 or M2475mm
M130HD250 - 750240 x 127mm182mmM20 or M2475mm
M135HD600 - 1200240 x 145mm182mmM2498mm
M125xHD600 - 1200367 x 127mm308mmM2498mm



MAXIMounts – Bolt Mounts

Isoflex Polymer Mounts


The IsoFlex System designs each mount for optimum vibration isolation. The IsoFlex design improves the mount’s ability to safely handle multi-directional loads as well as thrust in a 360 degree range.