Isoflex Polymer Mounts | MAXIMounts – Adjusting Stud

Mount ModelLoad Per Mount (Kg)Base FoortprintBase Bolt CentersStud/Bolt Dia.Min Free Height
MDC3030 - 120225 X 74mm174mmM16105mm
M5525 - 200134 x 75mm100 - 105mmM12 OR M1665mm
M7575 - 300177 x 98mm127mmM16 OR M2086mm
M8575-300190 x 98mm140mmM16 OR M2059mm
M9075 - 350177 x 100mm127mmM20 OR M24104mm
M10075 - 350188 x 100mm140mmM20 OR M24108mm
M11075 - 350220 x 107mm170mmM20 OR M24128mm
M120HD250 - 750250 - 750182mmM20 OR M2496mm
M120XHD600 - 1000230 x 112mm182mmM20 OR M2496mm
M125HD250 - 750240 x 127mm170mmM20 OR M24134mm
M125XHD600 - 1000240 x 127mm170mmM24134mm
M130HD250 - 750240 x 127mm182mmM20 OR M24110mm
M130XHD600 - 1000240 x 127mm182mmM24110mm
M135HD600 - 1200240 x 145mm182mmM24140mm
M138HD600 - 1200240 x 145mm182 x 65mmM24120mm



MAXIMounts – Adjusting Stud

Isoflex Polymer Mounts


Isoflex manufactures a wide range of marine and industrial engine vibration minimizing products. Our engine isolators, machinery mounts and flexible couplings provide superior performance and longevity because they specifically resist fuels, oils and water.


Isoflex polymer vibration reduction technology is used in OEM manufacture, new installations and retrofits: anywhere vibration isolation or minimization is required. We serve the commercial marine, pleasure marine, industrial, power generation and mining industries.


Durable, high tensile metal means increased resistance to fatigue failure.