Isoflex Gearguard Flexible Couplings | 4 Bolt Couplings

ModelBolt Circle Dia.Bolt SizeRing TypeRing Dia.Outside Dia.Inside Dia.Thickness
IFC4200 (90)78mm10mmF50mm125mm35mm25mm
IFC4300 (95)82mm3/8"F63.5mm125mm35mm25mm
IFC4400 (95)100mm10mmF65mm145mm50mm25mm
IFC4500 (95)107mm7/16"F63.5mm150mm45mm28.6mm
IFC4500 (HT)107mm7/16"F63.5mm150mm45mm28.6mm
IFC4550 (95)107mm7/16"F63.5mm150mm45mm28.6mm
IFC4550 (HT)107mm7/16"F63.5mm150mm45mm28.6mm
IFC4600 (95)80mm10mmM60mm125mm35mm25mm
IFC4700 (95)95.2mm (Rect)7/16"F69.8mm135mm50mm32mm
IFC4800 (95)79.3mm (Rect)3/8"F60.3mm125mm35mm25mm
IFC4900 (95)120.6mm (Rect)1/2"F95.2mm175mm50mm36.5mm



4 Bolt Couplings

Isoflex Gearguard Flexible Couplings


Flexible Couplings are the sacrificial link designed to fail & protect the gearbox.


Isoflex manufactures a wide range of marine and industrial engine vibration minimizing products. Our engine isolators, machinery mounts and flexible couplings provide superior performance and longevity because they specifically resist fuels, oils and water.


Isoflex polymer vibration reduction technology is used in OEM manufacture, new installations and retrofits: anywhere vibration isolation or minimization is required. We serve the commercial marine, pleasure marine, industrial, power generation and mining industries.