Flowtech Silencers | Tractor – Rounded Barrel

‘HTM’ Type have spark arresting ability but are NON COMPLIANT

Stock CodeTypeInlet Size (ID)Outlet Size (OD)Body LengthOverall Length
HTM1786" (152MM)1 7⁄8" (47mm)2" (51mm)12” (305mm)37” (940mm)
HTM2006" (152MM)2" (51mm)2" (51mm)12” (305mm)37” (940mm)
HTM2186" (152MM)2 1⁄8" (54mm)2" (51mm)12” (305mm)37” (940mm)
HTM2256" (152MM)2 1⁄4" (57mm)2 1⁄4" (57mm)12” (305mm)37” (940mm)
HTM2506" (152MM) 2 1⁄2" (63mm) 2 1⁄2" (63mm)12” (305mm)37” (940mm)
HTM2756" (152MM)2 3⁄4" (70mm)2 1⁄2" (63mm)12” (305mm)37” (940mm)
HTM3006" (152MM)3" (76mm)3" (76mm)15” (380mm)32” (812mm)
HTM3508" (203MM)3 1⁄2" (89mm)3 1⁄2" (89mm)15” (380mm)27” (685mm)
HTM4008" (203MM)4" (102mm)4" (102mm)15” (380mm)27” (685mm)
HTM50010" (254MM)5" (127mm)5" (127mm)20” (508mm)32” (812mm)
HTM618-2006" (152MM)2" (51mm)2" (51mm)18” (457mm)37” (940mm)
HTM618-2256" (152MM)2 1⁄4" (57mm)2 1⁄4" (57mm)18” (457mm)37” (940mm)
HTM618-2506" (152MM)2 1⁄2" (63mm)2 1⁄2" (63mm) 18” (457mm)37” (940mm)
HTM618-2756" (152MM)2 3⁄4" (70mm)2 3⁄4" (70mm)18” (457mm)37” (940mm)
HTM618-3006" (152MM)3" (76mm)3" (76mm)18” (457mm)37” (940mm)
T20153M8" (203MM)3" (76mm)3 1⁄8" (80mm)12" (305mm)-
T20620M9" (230MM)4 3⁄8" (111mm)4 1⁄2" (114mm)17 3⁄4" (450mm)-



Tractor – Rounded Barrel

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Flowtech Silencer products are made from aluminised material for extra durability. These products are then painted in a high-temperature heat paint for a complete finish. We also carry a wide range of direct-fit and universal application mufflers/silencers in stock for your immediate need.