Air Intake Hoses | Air Intake Ducting

Part No.IDBend RadiusCoil Length*Max Temp
TPR-03838mm30mm10/20 mtr125°C
TPR-04545mm36mm10/20 mtr125°C
TPR-05051mm40mm10/20 mtr125°C
TPR-06363mm55mm10/20 mtr125°C
TPR-07070mm60mm10/20 mtr125°C
TPR-07676mm65mm10/20 mtr125°C
TPR-08080mm65mm10/20 mtr125°C
TPR-09090mm75mm10/20 mtr125°C
TPR-100 102mm85mm10/15 mtr125°C
TPR-125127mm105mm10/15 mtr125°C
TPR-150152mm125mm10/15 mtr125°C
TPR-200203mm165mm10/15 mtr125°C

Note: Thermoplastic rubber hose reinforced with steel spiral
Sold in 1m increments



Air Intake Ducting

Air Intake Hoses


Specifically formulated EPDM Compound
Vacuum collapse rating exceeds 4” Hg. Mercury
Recommended for temperatures: – 50°C to + 150°C Duty