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Parker Racor | Redefining Filtration

Improving Engine Protection, Performance & Reliability

Redefining Filtration

Parker offer air filtration, water filtration and fuel filtration products that keep pace with the increasing industry demands and from tougher engine requirements in the field.  As an industry leader in engine filtration systems, Parker engineers collaborate constantly with customers and distributors to design solutions that provide installation flexibility, superior performance and unmatched customer satisfaction.


The specialized team at Parker listen to the needs of industries and businesses, collaborating with stakeholders to design filtration solutions that are engineered to prolong diesel engine life and offer advanced filtration solutions.


At EPE, we proudly supply a wide range of Parker and Parker Racor filtration products to provide for the needs Australian industries like mining, oil and gas, marine, defence and construction – each requiring superior performance from their filtration products to ensure prolonged and efficient diesel engine life.

Parker Moduflow Series
Parker Moduflow Series

Parker Racor Filters

Redefining Filtration | Fuel contamination, either in the form of dirt or water, will always find its way into your fuel system. In modern engines even a small amount of water or particulates can cause microscopic surface damage. That damage is then focused on by the high-pressure fuel injection system; creating wear that will eventually lead to poor fuel efficiency and higher emissions. With this in mind, managing fuel delivery and system cleanliness through proper filtration becomes an absolute imperative for economic engine operation.


Confidence Redefined | Parker Racor filtration systems cover engine fuel filtration, engine air filtration, crankcase filtration and marine filtration by providing the very best filters and filtration systems.  Parker Racor’s complete family of filtration systems can be configured to meet a wide range of on-road, off-road, and industrial applications. From ECO Series to custom designed filtration systems, Parker Racor provides innovative solutions to exceed customer expectations.

Parker Racor Turbine Series
Parker Racor Turbine Series

Parker | Engineering Solutions

Why use Parker Filtration products?

Parker products are backed by a commitment to collaboration, engineering and forward thinking when it comes to the filtration industry.  Parker’s technical resources provide the right filtration technologies that conform to your requirements. That’s why thousands of manufacturers and equipment users around the world rely on Parker Filtration products and people.


Dedicated to the long term health and reliability of mission critical assets, Parker Hydraulic and Fuel Filtration Division offers innovative products that cover your diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative needs.


Hydraulic, Lubrication & Coolant Filtration | High-performance filtration systems for production machinery in industrial, mobile and military/marine.


Process & Chemical Fluid Filtration | Liquid filtration systems for beverage, chemical and food processing; cosmetic, paint, water treatment; photo-process


Fuel Conditioning & Filtration | Parker air, fuel and oil filtration systems provide quality protection for engines operating in any environment, anywhere in the world.

Parker Racor - Marine Filtration
Parker Racor - Marine Filtration Redefined

Filtration Systems

Parker Air Breathers | Parker offer a wide range of Air Breathers including Triceptor Dessicant Breathers (water absorbing), Metal Filler Breathers and Threaded Plastic Breathers.


Parker Racor Filtration | If you’re looking for the best, most efficient, high-quality fuel water separators, high-flow filters and filter assemblies or diesel spin on filters, the Parker Racor range are simply the best. Perfect for high-flow industrial applications in difficult environments where engine performance is crucial.


Parker Moduflow Portable Filter Carts | Parker’s Moduflow Plus series suction/return/duplex patented filter element features longer life and increased dirt capacity. Allowable operating pressure of 200 PSI/13.8 Bar and capable of flows up to 150 GPM/581 LPM depending on viscosity.


Parker Filter Assemblies | The Parker PT Series Low Pressure Return Line Filters combine high efficiency Microglass filtration with low cost installation in a new patented element design. Easily removed for maintenance, this filter offers both convenience and dependability.


Parker Par-Gel Elements | Fluids are constantly exposed to water and water vapour while being handled and stored. Using a Par-Gel water removal element is an effective way of removing free water contamination from your hydraulic system. Parker Par-Gel water removal filter elements are available in these standard Parker filter housings.

Parker Racor Marine Fuel Filtration
Parker Racor Marine Fuel Filtration

Committed to the Planet

Environmentally Conscious

With over 40 years’ of experience in engine and fuel filtration being a solutions provider means helping our customers achieve higher levels of success by engineering the best systems for their requirements. It means looking at the customer applications from many angles to find new ways to create value.


Manufacturing Excellence | Racor has built a strong reputation as an innovative, technology-driven company. We are committed to manufacturing excellence by developing value-added filter media, materials, and system configurations to meet customer needs.


Developing For The OEM | As the leader in global filtration solutions to engine developers and manufacturers, we provide custom solutions for our customers needs. In collaborative efforts with the OEM, our engineers listen to and work from you the customers ideas and specifications. They strive to meet requirements and try to anticipate needs based on future projections.


The Leader in Bio-diesel Filtration | With the development of Bio and Alternative Fuels the need to filter and separate water has become a prime concern to engine developers the world over. Racor has led the charge in fuel filtration for the Bio-diesel market.

Environmental Sustainability

Crankcase Ventilation Technology | The Racor Super Impactor Closed Crankcase Ventilation system provides a positive impact on the environment by eliminating oil mist from crankcase emissions. (All engines have blow by gas that passes from the combustion process into the engine case mixing with the lube oil, which are then forced out of the engine through the breather system).


The Racor Super Impactor CCV system works by controlling the crank case pressure, separating the oil and returning it to the sump, further details can be seen in the Super Impactor brochure.


Safeguarding the Global Environment | At Parker Racor Filter Division we understand the need to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We also recognise our responsibility to do all that we can to protect our environment.


We appreciate the importance of safeguarding natural resources and the global environment. Parker Racor Dewsbury is proud to have achieved Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 – with a key element of the standard being to regularly monitor and consider the environmental aspects of our products, processes and equipment.

Reliability & Durability

When Quality Counts

For the industries that we service at EPE, providing the best quality engine filtration products means providing Parker.  Parker Racor Filtration have been supplying industries that have some of the toughest engine environments in the world.


Parker Racor are committed to open communication with their customers and distributors to ensure their products remain on the cutting edge of filtration technology.  With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Parker laboratory and field test all of their products and have an integrated manufacturing process that is ISO 9001 / TS16949 and ISO 14001 certified.


If you need operations to run smoothly and reliably, look no further than Parker filtration products to integrate with your diesel engine or generator.

Parker Filtration - When Quality Counts
Parker Filtration - When Quality Counts