Operators to benefit from local Pyroban partnership

Operators to benefit from local Pyroban partnership

Pyroban Local Partnership

OPERATORS in Australia’s oil and gas sector now have local support for Pyroban’s range of hazardous area solutions, thanks to a partnership arrangement with Perth-based Engine Protection Equipment.  The deal will see EPE actively engaging with operators to understand requirements, develop equipment designs and provide a direct link to Pyroban in the UK, which manufactures a broad range of ATEX-rated explosion-proof engine components.


Engine Protection Equipment | Business Development

EPE Business Development Executive Mason Deetman, who recently visited Pyroban’s UK headquarters, said the deal was an exciting but natural extension of the products and services EPE offers oil and gas operators.

“It’s an exciting progression for EPE to align with Pyroban, which is known for providing the world’s best hazardous area engine equipment,” Mason said.

“The deal is great news for Australian operators and service providers as prior to this, availability of the product locally has been restricted. The combination of Pyroban’s world leading technology with EPE’s local facilities and support team will allow Australian operators to ensure they remain safe and have access to the best equipment in the industry.

EPE already works closely with companies in and servicing the oil and gas sector, so we have a good understanding of what’s required for operating in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas and the wide range of engines used in any application that meets these zone requirements.

“Our collective experience and contacts mean we are well positioned to help clients specify requirements and to be the liaison point between Pyroban’s UK engineering team and the engine OEMs. This streamlines the process and makes it more straightforward for clients.”


Pyroban | Hazardous Area Products & Conversion Packages

Pyroban provides a broad range of explosion protection engine kits and packages, as well as individual components including gas detection, spark arrestors, batteries, starter motors, control systems and more.  Mason said that while all required work would initially be carried out in the UK, over time EPE aimed to develop in house skills and facilities to handle some service requirements from its local workshop.