Sentinel Shutdown Systems


Sentinel Shutdown Systems are entirely mechanical and are independent of electrical circuits. This system is suited for applications where electrical systems are not approved or desirable. When and abnormal condition occurs in a diesel engine, a Sentinel system will either shut the engine down or reduce operating RPM by controlling the fuel supply. Sentinel systems protect against low oil pressure, loss of coolant, high oil temperature, high coolant temperature, high transmission temperature and loss of tail pump pressure on irrigation engines.


    • Master control for automatic torque reduction

Instead of cutting the fuel supply and stopping the engine the master control supplies a reduced fuel
flow which reduces the operating RPM and power output of the engine.

    • —Master control with solenoid valve

The soleniod valve can be used to supply fuel in an emergency situation, enabling control of the
engine shut-off if necessary.

    • —Pre-Shutdown Alarm

A remote mounted light / buzzer gives warning of an imminent shutdown condition.