Hewitt Pyrometers are designed for K-Type Thermocouples. Pyrometer accuracy ±.2% at full scale. No external power required except for illumination. Housings are made of rugged, high impact glass fibre – ABS. Bezel is bright stainless steel. Red pointer with white characters on black dial are standard for easy reference. Bracket and light kit are included.

Part Number Description
010-112-2 Pyrometer 51mm 150-700°C
010-114-2 Pyrometer 51mm 425-980°C
010-405-2 Pyrometer 76mm 150-700°C
010-408-2 Pyrometer 76mm 425-980°C
010-503-2 Pyrometer 76mm 150-700°C Dual Reading Gauge
010-505-2 Pyrometer 76mm 425-980°C Dual Reading Gauge
015-002 Thermocouple ¼” NPT
015-029 Thermocouple ¼” NPT above ground (Marine)
035-003 Lead wire 4.3m long – Dual Applications
035-006 Lead wire 4.3m long – Single Applications
036-007 Extension Wire

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