Description: 3 ply Silicone Hose with polyester re-inforcing. Hose is finished in performance gloss
Temperature Range: .-30° C to 150° C
Burst Pressure: 76 PSI

Working Pressure: 30 PSI

90° Silicone Elbow
45° Silicone Elbow
Part # I.D (mm) I.D (mm)
SE90025019 25mm 19mm
SE90032025 32mm 25mm
SE90032028 32mm 28mm
SE90038025 38mm 25mm
SE90038032 38mm 32mm
SE90044032 44mm 32mm
SE90045038 45mm 38mm
SE90051032 51mm 32mm
SE90051038 51mm 38mm
SE90051045 51mm 45mm
SE90057051 57mm 51mm
SE90060051 60mm 51mm
SE90063051 63mm 51mm
SE90063057 63mm 57mm
SE90070051 70mm 51mm
SE90070057 70mm 57mm
SE90070063 70mm 63mm
SE90076051 76mm 51mm
SE90076057 76mm 57mm
SE90076063 76mm 63mm
SE90076070 76mm 70mm
SE90083051 83mm 51mm
SE90083057 83mm 57mm
SE90089051 89mm 51mm
SE90089057 89mm 57mm
SE90089063 89mm 63mm
SE90089070 89mm 70mm
SE90089076 89mm 76mm
SE90095051 95mm 51mm
SE90102051 102mm 51mm
SE90102057 102mm 57mm
SE90102063 102mm 63mm
SE90102076 102mm 76mm
SE90102089 102mm 89mm
Part # I.D (mm) I.D (mm)
SE45051038 51mm 38mm
SE45051044 51mm 44mm
SE45057051 57mm 51mm
SE45063051 63mm 51mm
SE45063057 63mm 57mm
SE45070051 70mm 51mm
SE45070057 70mm 57mm
SE45070063 70mm 63mm
SE45076051 76mm 51mm
SE45076057 76mm 57mm
SE45076063 76mm 63mm
SE45076070 76mm 70mm
SE45083051 83mm 51mm
SE45089051 89mm 51mm
SE45089057 89mm 57mm
SE45089063 89mm 63mm
SE45089070 89mm 70mm
SE45089076 89mm 76mm
SE45102051 102mm 51mm
SE45102063 102mm 63mm
SE45102076 102mm 76mm
SE45102089 102mm 89mm