Engine Protection Equipment Pty Ltd import Luberfiner filters factory direct allowing us to offer a cost effective filter without our customer’s compromising on quality.
Luberfiner fuel filters provide a highly efficient method of trapping harmful contaminants such as dirt, water, scale and rust before they reach your vehicle’s fueling system.
Today’s demanding engines need high performance and protection to keep vital engine components such as fuel injection and carburetors clean and functioning well. Luberfiner offers the highest in quality fuel filter components ensuring OEM replacement for form, fit and function Luberfiner fuel filters are the best insurance for the life of your engine
Whether choosing spin-on or cartridge type fuel filters, Luberfiner fuel filters not only meet, but most times, exceed all original equipment requirements. All warranties remain in effect.

-Can Improve engine performance under all operating conditions
-Easy and trouble free filter replacement for reduced downtime
-Provide ultimate fuel cleaning protection