Engine Protection Equipment Pty Ltd imports Luberfiner filters factory direct allowing us to offer a cost effective filter without our customer’s compromising on quality.
Luberfiner offers a full line of standard service coolant filters and products to help avoid costly engine failure. Luberfiner coolant filters are constructed using only the highest quality components for increased filter integrity, extended filter life and reduced downtime costs, ultimately extending the life of the equipment.
This line of filters also features patented “CRT” (Controlled Release Technology), Coolant filters for extended service intervals, and the Lubercool II Supplemental Coolant Additive protects coolant systems from corrosion and build up of harmful deposits. Luberfine onsite coolant analysis tests nitrite levels, PH levels and freeze points.

-Durable Epoxy-Coated Shell, resists rust and corrosion during extended service
-Patented CRT (Controlled Release Technology) Releases controlled levels of supplemental coolant additive to protect against rust, scale and other build ups.
-High Efficiency Synthetic Media designed for extended service levels capable of handling high heat and coolant flow longer. Reinforced media construction has higher capacity and filtering efficiency for better engine protection.
-All Steel Baseplate provides durability and strength for stability over extended service levels.
-Double Rolled Seam ensures a tight fit to prevent leakage