Centri Pre Cleaners

The Worlds Most Dependable Precleaner!

How It Works

  • Dirty air enters the CENTRI™ , Which is clamped onto your equipments air intake.
  • Specially designed vanes, curved and angled to precisely direct air flow, move the dirty air toward the stainless steel impeller.
  • The dynamically balanced, one piece impeller (CENTRI™ only moving part) Creates a tornado inside the housing.
  • The centrifugal force of the tornado expels the heavier than air dirt particles, chaff, dust, snow, rain, etc, out the discharge louver.
  • Cleaned air enters the engine intake pipe, and the filter element has only the very light particles to remove.

*Note that there are no external piping, evacuator valves, bowls, braces or brackets, which can malfunction and affect the efficiency of the CENTRI™ Precleaner*



The Results

  • Cleaner Air for your Equipment!
  • —Longer Filter ElementLife!
  • —Increased Engine Life!
  • —Increased Engine Performance!
  • Reduced Operating Costs!


Product Specifications, Metric


CFM Range

Centri Model # A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Weight (kg)


133 86 51 455 g 50-100


165 108 64 795 g 100-200


165 127 76 1.3 kg 150-275


225 149 102 1.7 kg 200-400


286 190 127 3 kg 350-700


324 197 152 3.3 kg 500-950


375 216 178 4.3 kg 750-1350


375 216 203 4.3 kg 950-1600



C.F.M. = Cubic Feet Per Minute

For all Engines, the C.F.M. can be determined by using the formula below or by using the following calculator

            4 CYCLE ENGINES                                                                2 CYCLE ENGINES
C.F.M. = C.I.D. x R.P.M. x Vol. Eff.                                             C.F.M. = C.I.D. x R.P.M. x Vol. Eff

9456 1728

C.I.D. – Cubic Inch Displacement

R.P.M. Revolutions Per Minute

Vol.Eff – Volume Efficiency

To convert Metric Displacements to C.I.D. for use in the formulas, use the following conversation factors: Displacement in Cubic Centimeters (cm3) x 0.06102 = C.I.D

Displacement in Liters x 61.02 = C.I.D.


*NOTE: Engine equipped with twin air intake pipes, divide the engine C.F.M. by two and apply the proper CENTRIPrecleaner to each of the pipes*


For more information please click on the link http://www.centriprecleaner.com