Exhaust Clamps and Muffler Hangers

Zinc Plated Exhaust U-Bolt Clamp

Part Number  Size
 290161CZ038  38mm
 290161CZ045  45mm
 290161CZ051  51mm
 290161CZ057  57mm
 290161CZ063  63mm
 290161CZ076F**  76mm
 290161CZ089F**  89mm
 89558B**  102mm
 89559B**  127mm
 89560B**  152mm
 290161CZ178F**  178mm
 290161CZ203  203mm
 CH254  254mm
 **Designates Flat band, all others are round band
 **Oversize by 3mm to allow for both female and male connections




Accuseal Exhaust Clamp

Part Number Size
90869A 51mm
90870A 57mm
90871A 63mm
90872A 70mm
90873A 76mm
90874A 89mm
90875A 102mm
90876A 114mm
90877A 127mm
90878A 152mm
**Constucted from aluminised steel for longer service life
**Creates over 1 tonne of clamping force without crushing tubes







Lap Torctite Clamp (Stepped)

Part Number Size
90360A 51mm
90361A 57mm
90362A 63mm
90363A 70mm
90364A 76mm
90365A 89mm
90366A 102mm
90367A 114mm
90368A 127mm
90369A 152mm
**Stainless steel stocked, aluminised available upon request
**Generally used to clamp overlapping joints (female to male)


Butt Torctite Clamp

Part Number Size
03141830A 76mm
03142235A 89mm
03142640A 102mm
03143050A 127mm
**Aluminised steel, stainless steel available upon request
**Generally used to clamp two equal diameter tubes

Heavy Duty Muffler Mount

Part Number Suit Body Diameter
MB10X15 254mm x 380mm
**Locally fabricated from thick gauge material – very durable
**Please see ‘Air Cleaner Mounting Bands’ for other medium duty sizing options

Seal Clamps

Part Number Size
X004482 102mm
X004484 127mm
X004539 152mm