P Clip

Norma RSGU pipe retaining clips are the ideal retaining elements for pipes, cables, cable harnesses, cable protection pipes, hoses and other applications.

  • Reinforced band ends, aid in preventing the clip from tearing or loosening in cases where there is a high mechanical load
  • Form fitting and adjustable band = ease of assembly and safe attachment
  • Supplied with EPDM profile = vibration damping and protection against seepage water. Sound insulation clips fit tight on object
Part Number Range
RSGUI-10/15-1 10mm
RSGUI-13/15-1 13mm
RSGUI-16/15-1 16mm
RSGUI-20/15-1 20mm
RSGUI-25/15-1 25mm
RSGUI-29/15-1 29mm
RSGUI-35/15-1 35mm
RSGUI-40/15-1 40mm
RSGUI-45/15-1 45mm
RSGUI-50/15-1 50mm
RSGUI-60/20-1 60mm