Vibratec Akustikprodukter

Vibratec Akustikprodukter group in Scandinavia  specialize in the fields of shock and vibration technology. In addition to manufacturing several types of all metal vibration and shock mounts they also offer an extensive evaluation and design service to provide the optimal solution to noise, vibration and shock applications.

By combining over 15 years of practical experience with sophisticated computer software, Vibratec are able to offer a complete vibration and shock engineering service.

Exhaust Fabricators (WA) Pty Ltd have recently been appointed the Australian agents for all of Vibratecs products and services. This enables us to provide you with the complete solution to your noise, vibration and mounting system problems.

Computer Aided System Analysis

To avoid the late discovery of  a weak or inconsistent design we can supply your project with 3D design and analysis of resonant frequencies and shocks, as well mechanical and thermal stresses. You can send us your proposed exhaust system layout in 2D or 3D format by e-mail and after analysis we’ll return it to you complete with our advice on component selection and location – Silencers, Bellows, Catalytic Converter, Mounting Systems etc will all be laid out on the drawing and located in accordance with our proposal and your requirements.

Vibratec manufacturers all-metal mounting systems, vibration and shock mounts, wire rope isolators, spring and metal cushions for industrial, marine and military applications. Mounts with Det Norske Veritas type approval and Exhaust Bellows with Germanischer Lloyd type approval are also available.

VTPC-100-700 : Complete pipe clamp. All metal pipe support clamp with resilient elements made from stainless steel 18/8. Ring and base plate made from construction steel. The resilient elements are non-creeping, and are un-affected by oils, grease or corrosive agents. These clamps provide elastic stabilization of vertical pipes while eliminating the tension forces caused by thermal expansion of pipe. The resilient stainless steel elements (cushions) are available separately if you want to make your own mounting ring.

V565* series : All metal isolator. Resilient elements made of 18/8 stainless steel wire, stud in aluminium, casing and flange in steel. This series of isolators features an equi-frequency character; 15-20 Hz for the recommended load range. May work under compression or tension. Maximum excitation amplitude : +/- 0.3mm, Temperature range –90ºC to +300ºC. Designed for the suspension of machine tools in general elastic suspension of exhaust pipes, motors, pumps etc on ships and vehicles.

VT41**/VT42** : All metal isolator. DNV Type Approval certificate number M-9707. Resilient elements, high tensile steel spring, cushions in 18/8 stainless steel. Mechanical strength 5g. Maximum temperature range –90ºC to +300ºC. This is a very soft isolator with integrated adjustable snubbing. Designed for the suspension of mobile equipment, propulsion engines, gen-sets, compressors and deck houses. When correctly adjusted the maximum movement will be 4mm in all directions.

A** Series : APN cable mounts. Combined all metal multi-directional anti-vibration and shock mounts. Features include no aging, corrosion resistant, high inherent dampening, very low amplification of resonance, severe shock attenuation, maintenance free, wide temperature range –180ºC to +300ºC. APN cable mounts are deisgned as resilient suspensions meeting Military Standards, and are suitable for the isolation of sensitive electronic equipment, generators, pumps & exhaust systems.

This is a small sample of the Vibratec product range. Please contact our sales staff for further information specific to your application.