Universal Silencer

Universal Silencer, a Fleetguard / Nelson company, is an international supplier of noise control and air filtration products for industrial equipment. Gas turbine system manufacturers and industrial equipment packagers rely on Universal Silencer products to protect and quiet their equipment. Universal Silencer supports extensive in-house design and testing laboratories and offers engineered solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. For example, Universal Silencer’s turbine products are used by electric utilities and gas transmission companies, who use gas turbines to drive large generators and compressors. In addition to having vast experience with designing large scale inlet and exhaust systems for turbines, Universal Silencer also manufactures inlet filter systems that use hundreds of air filter elements to remove contaminants and protect the gas turbine during operation. Universal Silencer excels in solving special noise problems for locomotives and for large engines, such as reciprocating piston engines used on gas pipelines, which use silencers as large as 10 feet in diameter and 55 feet long.

From Design to Delivery. The operating philosophy of our employees is to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations for innovative product design and unsurpassed support and service. Universal Silencer Australia maintains strategic supplier relationships with fully equipped state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing Strategy. In order to produce a product that is meeting in every sense the high quality products produced at our parent business, Universal Silencer Australia has established strategic working relationships with select local sub-contract manufacturers.

Exhaust Fabricators (WA) Pty Ltd has been selected as the West Australian manufacturer and distributor for Universal Silencers as we have over 20 years experience successfully manufacturing and marketing Fleetguard / Nelson exhaust products in Western Australia.

Universal Silencer’s product range covers the following applications:
Rotary positive blowers and vacuum pumps
Gas turbine and reciprocating engines
Centrifugal compressors
High pressure vents and blowdowns
Rotary screw compressors
Pressure reduction valves
Industrial fans
Steam injectors

Air Filters and Filter Silencers
We offer a complete range of inlet and inline air filters and filter silencers for use on air-moving equipment and engines.

Gas Turbine Filters and Silencers
Universal Silencer dedicates significant resources to the power generation industry and the treatment of inlet air, inlet noise, and exhaust noise for gas turbines. We draw from a talented, experienced staff of in-house application, design and project engineers for a total systems approach to offer you a single source for inlet and exhaust air handling, filtration efficiency, near-field and far-field noise guarantees, and reduced system pressure loss.

Vent Silencers
Our HV series range of vent silencers effectively silence high-velocity air, steam, or gas vents and blowdowns to atmosphere where sonic or critical conditions exist in the valve. Available in two different styles (annular ring and accousti-tube) to suit your application.

Engine Silencers and Spark Arresters
Performance grades are available in connection sizes 2 1/2” to 6” for reciprocating engines for all horsepower ranges. Low pressure drop designs available for turbocharged engines.

Rotary Positive Blower Silencers
Reactive or combination reactive / absorptive silencers to attenuate noise on the jetport, inlet and discharge of positive displacement blowers.

Water Separator Silencers
Both inlet and discharge water separator silencers are available for vacuum pump applications.

Absorptive Silencers and Industrial Fan Silencers
Absorptive silencers attenuate mid and high frequency noise energy, such as the noise generated by high speed centrical blowers, fans and compressors.

Engine silencers fall into 2 basic categories.

Reactive Silencers use tuned chambers to cancel the noise passing through them. The number of chambers can vary from 1 to 4 or more, and they can be of a labyrinth or straight through design. The tuned design targets specific noise frequencies that make up diesel engine ‘noise’.

Absorptive Silencers use acoustically absorptive packing to attenuate noise. The acoustic filler absorbs and dissipates sound energy. Although Absorptive designs offer low pressure loss, they do not match the acoustic efficiencies of reactive silencers, especially in the lower frequency ranges.