Nelson Industries – Industrial Exhaust Silencers

Nelson Industrial Exhaust Silencers

Nelson standard exhaust silencers reduce noise from all types of internal combustion engines. All silencers are of a fully welded design, and coated with a zinc primer and high heat top coat. Table “D” pipe flange connections are standard unless otherwise stated. Nelson silencers are offered in the three configurations shown below. Each silencer is offered in four attenuation ranges.


“100” level : 12-18db exhaust noise reduction – for non-critical environments where ambient noise levels are moderate to high.

“200” level : 18-25db exhaust noise reduction – for residential environments where ambient noise levels are moderate to low.

“300” level : 25-35db exhaust noise reduction – for critical environments where ambient noise levels are low.

“400” level : 35-45db exhaust noise reduction – for ultra critical applications.


Spark Arresting Exhaust Silencers

Nelson spark arresting exhaust silencers are designed to remove dangerous sparks from exhaust gas. Spark arresting silencers are available in 100, 200 and 300 attenuation levels in type 1 and 2 configurations.

Please contact us with details of your application for further information.