Exhaust Fabricators (WA)

Exhaust Fabricators (WA) Pty Ltd has grown from humble beginnings in 1979, to become a major manufacturer of heavy duty exhaust silencers and components for all types of internal combustion engines working in almost any application. Our licence agreements with two of the worlds largest exhaust specialists, Nelson Industries Inc and Universal Silencer, ensures that the very latest research and development information is alavailable to us, enabling us to provide silencers that will perform as specified.

By combining the engineering and design talents of both Universal Silencer and Nelson Industries, both recognised as world leaders in noise attenuation, with the design and analysis of vibration and exhaust mounting systems by Vibratec Akustikprodukter, and the manufacturing strengths of Exhaust Fabricators (WA) Pty Ltd, we are able to offer a superior quality product that will perform to expectations and continue to perform time and time again.

One of Exhaust Fabricators (WA) P/L’s specialty lines is the design and manufacture of of exhaust expansion bellows. These are available in diameters from 38mm to almost 5meters. We also supply specialised items like DCL exhaust gas purifiers and Vibratec mounting systems.

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Exhaust Expansion Bellows

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