Constant Torque Clamps

The breeze constant torque is a breakthrough in clamping technology. A belleville spring mechanism permits the CT clamp to automatically
increase or decrease its own diameter due to changes in operational or environmental temperatures.

The unique design eliminates “cold flow” leaks. Both the Aero – Seal and Heavy Duty construction CT clamps have an extended inner liner which protects all types of hoses from damage and helps to maintain consistent sealing pressure.

Part Number Range Torque Setting
CT9420SS 21-44mm 50 inch lbs
CT200LSS 32-54mm 90 inch lbs
CT250LSS 45-67mm 90 inch lbs
CT300LSS 57-79mm 90 inch lbs
CT350LSS 70-92mm 90 inch lbs
CT400LSS 83-105mm 90 inch lbs
CT450LSS 95-118mm 90 inch lbs
CT500LSS 108-130mm 90 inch lbs
CT550LSS 121-143mm 90 inch lbs
CT600LSS 133-156mm 90 inch lbs
CT650LSS 146-168mm 90 inch lbs
CT700LSS 159-181mm 90 inch lbs*
CT750LSS 172-194mm 90 inch lbs*
CT800LSS 184-206mm 90 inch lbs*
CT850LSS 197-219mm 90 inch lbs*
CT900LSS 210-232mm 90 inch lbs