Vibratec Shock / Vibration Isolation

Engine & Machinery Mounts

The dual purpose system that isolates and minimises vibration and produces maximum load carrying stability in 360 degrees.

Features Benefits
Vibration Isolation Minimising vibration reduces equipment fatigue, human fatigue, maintenance andassociated noise.
Cast with high quality engineering grade polymer.

No rubber components; Isoflex polymers are resistant to oils, fuels, water, hydraulic fluids and climatic conditions.

Patented co-polymer thrust ring. Improved stability with 360 degrees of control of longitudinal and latitudinal thrusts.
Tailored installation using proprietary software analysis. The core selction process and vibration analysis provide the best vibration profile for each installation.
Isoflex MAXImount System allows the mounts to be rebuilt by replacing cores if and when needed. Lower long term cost of ownership.
Manufactured from high quality materials: Polyurethane, stainless steel and high tensile teels.

Durability and reduced corrosion and rust.

Install Isoflex Mounts
If you want:

  • To minimise engine, drive line and machinery vibration.
  • Improved stability. The Isoflex thrust ring technology and co-polymer design produce significantly higher stability through a 360 degree range of motion.
  • Superior mounts for high performance engine and machinery applications, including high G force loadings.

  • The Isoflex design allows you to create a mount that meets your objectives.
  • To simplify a retrofit. The Isoflex modular components can be easily configured to meet your needs.
  • To maximise resistance to oil, fuel, hydraulic fluid, water and climatic conditions with high quality engineering Polyurethane elastomers.

  • Comprehensive sipport and dianostic vibration modelling for your application.
  • Rigorously tested products with Det Norske Veritas Type Approval.
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