Exhaust Blankets

Insulation blankets are fabricated in three plies. The inner layer is made of a knitted 0.28mm fine stainless steel mesh. The middle layer is 25mm thick fibreglass needlemat. The outer covering is made from silicone impregnated fibreglass cloth. All edges are machine stitched using fibreglass thread. All edges adjacent to hot termination points are fitted with high temperature glass tape for extra protection.

Heat insulation blankets can be attached using a variety of methods with the most common being stainless steel capstans. The blankets are then laced in place boot-style with stainless steel tie wire, resulting in a custom made glove fit. Other methods include Velcro tape or heat resistant plastic clips.

The high temperature silicone impregnated fabric provides greater product endurance and improved resistance to abrasion, flexing, tears and punctures. The heavy duty fabric is also oil resistant, flame retardant and acid/alkali resistant.

There are many advantages to having a heat insulation blanket fitted to your exhaust system.
Some of these are:

– Reduced external surface temperature by as much as 500°C
– Ease of installation. These blankets are easily removable and can be transferred
– Reduced heat transfer into building and/or equipment enclosure
– Increased safety and comfort for both operator and maintenance personnel
– Radiated sound reduction by as much 3dB

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