Exhaust Spark Arrestors

Diesel Engine exhaust spark arrestors are a basic but key safety feature for both
hazardous area and lower risk diesel engine applications such as forestry or
agriculture where a stray spark may cause ignition of combustible material. Virtually
all legislation with regard to operating a diesel engine in a hazardous area includes
a mandatory requirement to fit a properly tested and approved exhaust


Chalwyn Spark Arrestors are manufactured from
stainless steel (SAS type from carbon steel with
stainless steel inner components), ensuring
longevity in the harshest conditions for life
time cost savings.


With a well maintained engine the Chalwyn Spark Arrestor
design is virtually maintenance free, with no moving or
servicesable parts.


Designed for permanent fitting and manufactured in stainless steel, the
SSL range of quenching type spark arrestors are approved to the relevant provisions
of the European ATEX Directive for hazardous area applications.
Models are available to suit engines with ratings between 7.5KW (10hp) and
373KW (500hp). Higher Ratings can be accommodated when multiple exhaust pipes

* European ATEX approved for hazardous area applications
* Combined spark arrestor / industrial standard silencers designed for permanent installations
* Manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel
* Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
* Slotted inlet and outlet pipe for clamping
* Special custom designed versions to order including flanged or threaded pip connections
* Many standard sizes available


Compact stainless steel spark arrestors designed for temporary or permanent fitting
at the exhaust tail pipe outlet. Suitable for engines rated between 4KW (5hp) and
110 KW (150hp).

* ATEX approved for hazardous area applications
* Manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel
* Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
* Slotted inlet pipe for clamping to exhaust pipe. Plain outlet pipe with OD same as inlet pipe ID
* Flanged or threaded inlet pipe options available
* Single fixing clamp supplied


Simple single stage carbon steel or stainless steel suitable for engines rated at
4KW (5hp) or less.

* Not ATEX approved for hazardous area applications
* Manufactured in carbon steel (SAS)
* Black painted finish
* Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
* Slotted inlet pipe for clamping. Fixed size outlet pipe

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