Air Intake Valves

The Chalwyn D series valve is a fully automatic device and can come in completely automatic versions or automatic and manual shutdown. The automatic D series valve will close and prevent air or gases being drawn into the air intake of the engine when the set speed is reached. These are reset when the engine stops.

Manual models can be shutdown via a handle and cable or through the loss of air or oil pressure. The Chalwyn D series has a range of spring loaded poppet valves designed to automatically stop the engine by closing the air intake should excessive overspeeding occur.

* Ideal for areas where flammable gases may be present

* Available for engines up to 805hp with air intake diameter of up to 229mm

* Once a valve is correctly installed and set up, no further maintenance or adjustment should
be required



The MVX slim line valves are the most basic of the slim line valves as they are completely manual. These will either have a stop buttom on the unit or a remote stop with pull or push options. Body and disc manufactured in corrosion resistant hard anodised aluminium with PTFE coating.

* Valve mounted stop buttom

* Cable mounted push buttom or pull handle

* Valve mounted reset lever



The PVX slim line valves will either open or close on the application of air pressure. A position indicator is on the top of the valve to show whether the valve is open or closed. The body and disc are manufactured in corrosion resistant hard anodised aluminium with PTFE coating.

* Application of ait to close or to open

* Different size adaptors available

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