Turbo Saviour


The Turbo Saviour has a cast alloy centre section incorporating a mounting flange, built in check valve and a provision for the spin-on oil filter. The accumulator section is a purpose spun alloy canister and includes a fully floating piston which ensures oil / air separation within the canister.


Engine oil receives a secondary filtration before passing through a check valve on its wat to the turbocharger. The accumulator section is charged with oil via a bleed orifice while the engine is running. On engine shut down the check valve closes and oil stored in the accumulator continues to flow to the turbocharger for up to five minutes (thus cooling and for this period).


The ‘Turbo Saviour’ has been designed to carry out two separate functions within the one component.

  1. Complete filtration of oil supply to the turbocharger.
  2. Provide a continued supply of oil
    to the turbocharger after engine
    shut down.


  1. Secure the ‘Turbo Saviour’ in a convenient location via the mounting bracket. the unit must be mounted vertically (i.e. Large canister to the top)
                                            NOTE: DO NOT ATTACH DIRECTLY TO ENGINE
  2. Disconnect the turbocharger oil feed hose at the Turbocharger. If possible use this hose as the oil supply to the ‘Turbo Saviour’ Inlet
  3. Manufacture new hoses as required (same size as oil feed hose) to connect the “Turbo Saviour” in the line to the Turbocharger. Fill hoses with new oil before connecting to turbocharger.
  4. Fill the spin-on oil filter with new engine oil and refit to ‘Turbo Saviour’
  5. If possible, crank engine without starting to prime oil supply system to Turbocharger.
  6. Start engine at idle speed and check for oil leaks.
Overall Height 270mm
Accumulator Dia 115mm
Filter Dia 95mm
Mounting Flange 110 x 87mm
Bolt Holes (4off) Dia 10mm
Oil Inlet – Female 3/8″ NPT
Oil Outlet – Female 3/8″ NPT
Dry Weight 2 Kg
Oil Capacity
(Charged @ 60 PSI)
Oil Filter
Luberfiner LFP2221
Donaldson P550318

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