Austart Air Starters

Austart Product Brochure
What is an Air Starter Motor?

Air Starters are essential for safe engine starting in hazardous environments. Examples of hazardous environments are Coal Mines, Petrochemical Plants, Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms and land based Oil & Gas Drill Rigs.

As Air Starters run on compressed air they elimate the risk of a spark which can potentially ignite an explosion.

They are also more reliable than electric starters and require less frequent servicing. Austart Air Starters have very few moving parts and all parts are friction free meaning a prolonged lifespan. Where batteries can be affected by low temperatures, Air Starters will provide higher cranking torque, faster engine and extended cranking periods when required even in sub zero temperatures.

Available to suit engines ranging from One Liter capacity, there is an Air Starter available to suit almost any application.

**For More Information See The Website Below**

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